Sachi is best served as cold as possible (between 4°C-6°C), so do refrigerate it before consumption.

At 5.8% alcohol-by-volume, Sachi is light on the palate, and pairs well with fish and seafood. It also goes well with spicy food items, where the acidity of Sachi helps quell the spice.

Cloudiness and sedimentation are natural in Sachi - this is due to the precipitation of naturally-occurring soluble soy proteins. Simply shake the bottle, and the cloudiness and sediments will disappear!

Sachi can be stored at room temperature until the best before date, which is printed on a label found at the bottom of the bottle.

Once opened, Sachi should be kept refrigerated and should be consumed within three days of opening.

The best before date is printed on a sticker that can be found at the bottom of the bottle.

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