Our Sachi Story

We're on a mission to show the world that there is a better way to drink - one that tastes great and feels good.


The new, modern lifestyle demands a refreshing alternative to traditional alcohol.

Sachi is the world's first alcoholic beverage wholly derived from soy. The idea behind Sachi is to make a nutritious and sustainable drink that tastes great and can be enjoyed by anyone. Sachi has a clean, crisp, semi-sweet taste and a light, fruity finish that pairs well with just about anything else you can enjoy on a warm summer day. With only 70 calories and containing 18 milligrams of soy antioxidants (isoflavones) per serving, Sachi is a great alternative to wine and beer. 

More than five years of research and development have enabled us to produce a product that tastes amazing yet is truly good for you. The result? A refreshing beverage made using natural ingredients with no flavour additives and preservatives!

Unlike other fermented beverages, Sachi uses only the finest soy whey carefully crafted from hand picked non-GMO soy beans. We show that breweries can shift towards sustainable processes by incorporating under-utilised raw materials through state-of-the-art technology. What makes Sachi special is it delivers great taste without you feeling guilty about what you drink.

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